Saturday, July 14, 2012


Hello lovelies,

My website is still down. It makes me very nervous, but I'm trying to remain zen about it! I have a lot on my plate currently, so the website will have to wait just a bit until all the other things have passed. I hope that those of you looking for my portfolio aren't too disappointed and that you have found adequate substitutes on my flickr and facebook pages.

Things in the studio have been busy, which is wonderful. I have been working on three more pairs of earrings based off of this original design:
Grey and orange crazy lace agate earrings with carnelian
I just finished two different freshwater pearl necklaces, one for the store and one especially made for one of my best friends, Kate:
Freshwater pearl necklace. Find the etsy link here.
And, the piece I'm most excited about is a custom necklace for a client that features a piece of the Berlin Wall. It has been slow in the making but I think I will be able to finish it on time. John, if you are reading this, I hope to finish it by Tuesday! Much of that will be determined by any pick-up rehearsals for the show I'm doing for the Santa Cruz Fringe Festival with Atelier 5. That reminds me, if any of you are interested in seeing my other half of life (the dancing half of me!), please come see me dance at Motion at the Mill on Front St. in Santa Cruz. You can find more info on the show, tickets, and other performances here.

Just wanted to give a quick little update! Hope you are all happy, healthy, and full of love.


Erica Freestone Open Studio
157 Grand Ave. #109 Pacific Grove, CA 93950

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