Sunday, April 27, 2014

// R U G G E D \\

I'm so excited to announce the release of my new // Rugged \\ collection of wedding bands and stacking rings.
// Rugged \\ Set of two. Sterling Silver and 14kt Yellow Gold Stacking Band Set

As I set out to plan a new series, the image of a woman on a mountain top kept surfacing for me. She stands, overlooking a valley, above a hazy grey stream, her long dark hair licking the wind while she stands in profile among the tall golden grasses. As this dream kept coming back to me I imagined the kind of ring that might represent her, this rugged yet graceful woman on the mountain. The kind of ring she might like to wear. For me the answer was something simple yet not meticulous, unique and individual, a touch spontaneous yet thoughtful and selective.

// Rugged \\

Inspired by nature's imperfect perfection, each ring is individually carved in wax--no two are alike as I use no mold--giving each its own unique character and individuality. I then cast in house in limited quantities in my home gallery at Sun Studios.

I just listed the sterling silver, 14 kt yellow gold, and the set of both up on my etsy site and am working hard at listing the dark blue sapphire crescent moon later this afternoon.

The collection is slowly growing and evolving, and I will be adding diamonds and more flush set faceted stones as options for these unique and easy-to-fall-in-love-with rings. I am currently in the process of creating a men's band to match in a wider width, and will be setting a delicious row of 1pt diamonds in the 14kt yellow band.

I would love any ideas on how to grow the collection--what do YOU want to see as part of it? Please share, inquire, daydream, and imagine.

As always, I'm hoping this update finds you all well, healthy, loved and loving, creative, and full of wonder for this beautiful world that surrounds us.


Erica Freestone on Etsy
// Rugged \\ Stacking Wedding Band Set of Sterling Silver and 14kt Yellow Gold Band Rings

// Rugged \\ 14 K Yellow Gold Organic Texture Band Wedding Band Stacking Ring

// Rugged \\ 14 kt Gold Organic Rustic Textured Wedding Band Stacking Ring
// Rugged \\ Woman's Wedding Ring Stacking Band Sterling Silver Handmade Artisan Jewelry

// Rugged \\ Crescent Moon Sapphire Engagement Ring Stacking Ring 14kt yellow gold sterling silver


Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Stories

I love doing custom work.

The stories behind the inspiration of the piece are often adventures in which I can live vicariously, or tales of love and romance where I'm hands-down on board, or personal mementos of strength and virtue.

Elaine, who found me in a breath of graceful openness, beautiful and charismatic and easy to be-friend, found herself in need of a piece that connected her to her inner strength and power of visualization. She had recently been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, and commissioned me to create a ring to remind her of her own healing capabilities.

Elaine and I spent several weeks looking for the perfect stone that would inspire the course of healing she intends for herself. She was looking for a pale pink stone, suitably sized for her finger, that would represent the mixing of bright red and angry blood cells that are being softened and diluted with happy and healthy white cells. After some searching, we found a beautiful rhodochrosite that fit the bill perfectly.

Once we found the stone, I got to work on the design options. Knowing also that Elaine was looking for a band or shank that has some visual interest, I knew that I also had to give the band some great thought, and so after several days I came up with three different design options from which to choose.

Both Elaine and her husband loved option 3 (which I also loved!) which, to me, represented the DNA and also the ladder upon which she will climb as she learns to deal with and stay strong against her disease. The ring was ready to be made in sterling silver.

The Process

The first stages of the ring (and others, too!).

Bezel is ready to be soldered to a back plate, band is complete and ready for forming.
Bezel complete, band formed and ready to be put together.

Ring is oxidized and ready for finishing.
The Ring

It is always and honor and a joy to help someone manifest their ideas into physical form. This ring was so much fun, from beginning to end, and I'm so grateful to have opportunities like this. Elaine, I wish you much healing and pleasure from this ring--that it finds you in your moments of needing strength. Your story is now part of mine, and I am in your journey with you.