Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Raw Beauty

Sometimes a stone comes along and there is absolutely no need to design anything around it in metal. The stone itself is so stunningly beautiful on its own that anything more would take that away.

This raw, lightly tumbled chrysocolla is one of those stones.

What you may not know is that before I began my path as a metalsmith, I was on an explorative path in the science of geology. Rocks just get to me. The fact that the earth makes something like this over thousands, millions, of years is mind boggling and just...incredible.

This is one of those pieces where that comes out in full force. Where the coincidence (or destiny? Fate?) of my last name, Freestone, is kind of brought to the surface, put on display, to examine and wonder about, much like this beautiful rock.

So, this necklace. :)


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