Friday, September 14, 2012

Party Re-Cap and Updates

Me and guests at the Open Studio + 1st Friday
Friday, September 7th was my first night participating in Pacific Grove's First Friday event. The weekend was a fun and busy one for our small, sweet little town: in addition to First Friday, it was also the Art and Wine Walk, and the weekend of the Pacific Grove Triathlon. I had a great turn out, and cannot thank everyone enough for coming out to support me and my fellow artists here in town. What a treat it was to have yummy cookies fresh from the oven from Carolyn's Cookie Company, as well as the delicious party-hit sweet potato and date tea biscuits (yum!) from my dear neighbor, Lydia.

There have been lots of lovely people wandering around town and poking their heads in to the studio the past few weeks. The weather has been warmer (for our 'summer' standards) and I have seen tale-tale signs of the sun for longer and longer hours of the day. As the days advance, I keep looking forward to the great indian summers we have here on the coast.

Things in the studio and in my life outside of jewelry-making have been very busy lately. I have been easily caught in the 'daily grind' as it were, so I've had to remind myself that there is so much beauty and peace all around me--if I'd just hold still a moment, I could see it! I don't know about you, but if I find myself doing nothing, I begin to feel guilty or lazy, so I rarely give myself a break. Perhaps it is the peril of owning and running your own business. There is so much to do, and so many things that could be better than they currently are. Not to mention so many new ideas and things to try out for the first time, which are always exciting and tend to take precedence over the rest, pushing the other stuff onto a longer and longer list of to-do's.

To 'take a moment' I forced myself to a few trips to the shore, wiggling my toes in the freezing cold water, taking in the breeze and the sweet ocean smell, and admiring the tide pools. I'd like to share that with you if only in the hopes that you might find some beauty and marvel, too.

Sea Anemone Rings with sea glass and shells
© Erica Freestone
From these various adventures to the ocean, I couldn't help but be inspired by the fantastic creatures and textures found on the shore. I knew the 'moments' wouldn't last forever so of course I had to make some sea anemones for finger-wearin'. This collection was a joy to create because it helped me see the wonder of the world as it is, and appreciate each difference and idiosyncrasy as perfect as its imperfection is...

I hope this update finds you all well, loved, healthy, and creative.



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