Thursday, March 17, 2011

New Pieces!

After yesterday's feeling of sickness, today I am feeling much better and am about to head in to the studio. First, I wanted to take some pictures of some of the pieces--really the stones--that I am working with lately!

This is the beginning of a cut out for the back of a black onyx cab. Lots of sanding and filing still needs to be done. I gave myself the challenge of a difficult cut-out, and, I have to say, the actual sawing was not difficult, but the filing and sanding part is! The wings are not perfectly symmetrical, but I really like them. They remind me of a mask for a ball. I'm pretty sure it will end up being a pendant, on a long chain, and I was thinking of adding a version of the 'top' of my Neptune ring to it somewhere. Here's what that might look like:
I think these two things together could be really beautiful. But, who knows what may end up becoming of these two settings! I love the process of having an original idea that then turns into something quite different. I think that happens with all my art--choreographing, music-making, painting, etc.

I'm really interested in making rings lately, but I think rings (that are not made to order, so, the one of a kind variety) are difficult to sell. Really what I want to do is make them in my size, because it's like insurance; if it doesn't sell, then I get to keep it! Yippee! But, I kind of have small fingers (my middle finger is a size 5) and the average ring size is a 7, so it always makes me a bit weary of making a bunch of size 5 rings in hopes that a wonderful buyer who loves the ring also happens to have a size 5. They can be re-sized, so that's always an option...I don't know, we'll see!
This stone, in particular, is one that I'd like to make into a big, gorgeous, cocktail-style ring. Size 7 or 5? Eeek.

Well, that's the update for today. I'm off to the studio!


PS I finally upgraded my Wix site, so now there are no more wix ads on my website! Check it out!

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